Friday, June 26, 2009

My assistant

This is my new assistant, Joey. He critiques manuscripts by tasting them. Fortunately, he declares my current revisions to be lip-smackingly delicious!

Other services he provides:
1. "Testing" my coffee
2. Occasionally reminding me to rest my eyes by closing my laptop
3. Pouncing on pages coming out of the printer
4. Sucking my elbow if I daydream too long.
5. Lap warmer
6. Keeping desk free of "debris" by knocking pencils, rubber bands, and paper clips to the floor.

7. Alerting me to "intruders" outside (ie, birds, squirrels) with deep growls
8. Ambushing me from behind the sink in the bathroom
9. Workout partner, resting his 16 pounds on my forearms as I type
10. Enforcing required breaks by dragging toys to office

Okay, I know I've made him sound like a pain but he's truly a joy! I adore him, and I think the feeling is quite mutual.

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