Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rodents Do NOT Control Our Weather

Groundhog Day. A bunch of people gathering to learn if a rodent sees its shadow? Really? I'm weary of gray skies, too, and ready to get back in my garden, but…really? How did this silly tradition start? At the very moment I was thinking these disdainful thoughts, I heard on the radio that Punxatawny Phil had seen his shadow, and I was shocked at the wave of genuine disappointment that coursed through me.

Then I started laughing. My cat looked at me funny. I said aloud, "Rodents do not control our weather."

Or...DO they?

A friend joked that she felt rodents WERE controlling certain aspects of her life. I joked back that maybe we should replace that old self-help motto "Let go and let God" with "Let go and let groundhogs."

Oh, and for the record? Dayton's own Ivy—the beautiful resident groundhog at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery—did not see her shadow.

Where did I put those gardening catalogs?


  1. I am glad to hear about something that rodents do not have control over since one just recently stole my childhood memories. My sister and I found evidence, in our attic storage closet, of a squirrel nest in my box of childhood momentos. There was a squirrel grease spot on my high school graduation robe and my blankie. Blankie has since met his demise in the trash (RIP old friend), but despite attempts by my landlord to trap the culprit and fill in the hole, Mr. Squirrel is still at large.

  2. "I joked back that maybe we should replace that old self-help motto 'Let go and let God' with 'Let go and let groundhogs.'"

    Ha. So awesome.