Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All Over But the Plantin'

Voila! The giant project I described in my previous post, "True Confessions," is now complete...well, this phase of it, anyway.

The beds are full of compost, the stone paths laid and mulched. Now "all" that's left is planting, and it's still a bit too early for that in Ohio. Soon, though. And now I'm ready!

This new bed will be a mix of perennial flowers and herbs, and edibles (tomatoes, peppers, beets, radishes, etc.). I like the idea of mixing edibles with perennials so that you're not left with a big blank muddy moonscape at the end of the growing season.

I am so happy puttering out there in the garden. It's been good incentive for the writing, actually. I tell myself I can "go out and play" when I hit whatever page limit I've set for myself for the day. I actually stick to it, too.

Ah, good medicine after that long winter...

I'll keep you posted when the plants go in the ground.


  1. Rhyme/reason for the shape of the garden and the placement of the stones? Purely logistical so everything's but a stone's throw to weed/water, etc.? The shape is organic, yet personable. I notice a seemingly off-center circle of stones. I think people tend to be more or less methodical and symmetrical when randomly organizing stuff -- unless they're consciously doing otherwise. Just curious is all.

    One of the 600 true-false statements on the MMPI (I am not making this up): "I am afraid of dirt." How could any "sane" person answer that out of context? (Minding its own business piled in my yard? No. Two tons of it piled on top of me? Yes. ...) And this is the test used to see if one is mentally unstable...


  2. No real rhyme, other than what pleases me, and the reason is just so that the actual beds (between the stone paths) are reachable for weeding and watering from the paths (you guessed it).

    Now that's story material..."I am afraid of dirt." :-)

  3. That's one beautiful garden, even without plants!! I think I've been inspired!