Friday, September 3, 2010

Help Cast Blessings!

I was honored to be contacted by a wonderful blog called Campaign for the American Reader and asked to participate in some of their fun author exercises. One of them is a game called My Book, the Movie—where you cast the leading roles in your book however you see fit.

Wanna help?

Here are my ideas so far (thanks to Erin Flanagan and Sarah Twill, who brainstormed with me over a bottle of wine and way too many chips and guacamole...). Please let me know what you think and feel free to offer other suggestions, too, either by commenting here or on Facebook (if you came to this blog through the Facebook link):

Oh, please please don't let physical descriptions from the book limit your casting. For example, thinking "Julianna Moore can't play Cami because Cami has blond hair and Moore's is red" would be a terrible mistake! Hair color is not crucial to the character, plus it's really easy to change. So think more in terms of actual acting ability.

And because it's just a game, therefore with unlimited budget, we can put A-listers in every single role!


DIRECTOR—Jodie Foster

CAMI ANDERSON—Laura Linney, Julianna Moore, or Kate Winslet
BOBBY BINARDI—Dominic West, Hank Azaria, or Robert Downey Jr.

DAVY—Neil Patrick Harris
BIG DAVID—Philip Seymour Hoffman


AURORA—Jennifer Garner

OLIVE—Julianna Margulies

ZAYNA—Ellen Page

HELEN—Holly Hunter
HANK—Hugh Laurie

DUBEY—Michael C. Hall

VIJAY—Okay, this one stumped us, simply because there is an unfortunate dearth of Indian actors in Hollywood films for us to choose from. The beautiful and talented Kal Penn is too young. Now, my friends will laugh, but I'd like to point out that Robert Downey Jr. has played an African-American after all...he can do anything, so why not see how he plays an Indian? Or, since the Boston Globe review suggested that Vijay seemed to be based on Dr. Sanjay Gupta, maybe he would do a guest spot?



Let me know what you think! Remember, unlimited budget and every star will say yes!


  1. Okay I agree with everything but:

    CAMI ANDERSON- 1st pick Daryl Hannah, 2nd pick Charlize Theron
    BOBBY BINARDI- Nestor Carbonell who was Richard on Lost
    DUBEY-Paul Walker
    VIJAY-Naveen Andrews who was Sayid on Lost.

    I would seriously be upset if Julianna Moore or Laura Linney was picked as Cami. I hate them. They are too wispy. I'm too emotionally invested in this book to have them ruin the main character.
    Dubey needs to be sexier in a man's man kind of way than Michael C. Hall.
    I think Naveen Andrews could play the perfect Vijay with those soulful eyes.
    Your best picks hands down were Davey and Big David.
    Sure you wouldn't want to play Cami? Your picture was in my mind the whole time I was reading.

    Fun game...
    Monica Pierson

  2. Here's my two cents! This is fun.

    Cami: Definitely Laura Linney or maybe Lauren Graham

    Bobby: Christopher Meloni or Bobby Cannavale

    Gabby: Demi Lovato

    Olive: Janeane Garofalo or Marisa Tomei

    Vijay: Sendhil Ramurthy:

    Zayna: Nikki Reed

    Aurora: Ellen Page or Christina Ricci

    Mimi: She's a bit young, but if you aged her right, Mercedes Ruhel

    Dubey: Josh Hollway

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  4. For Gabby I was thinking the girl who plays the daughter on Castle, Molly C. Quin, because she has red hair and she has that maturity about her (well in Castle she does, lol) that I felt like Gabby possessed.

    For Vijay I agree Naveen Andrews could do it but I was picturing the guy from Heroes, Sendhil Ramamurthy.

    For Cami maybe someone like Kelli Williams? I think Laura Linney would be good too, though.

    Love Neil Patrick Harris as Davey. Of course, I picture the exact couple from Modern Family too though, lol.. but I guess they couldn't work together in another show and not be those same characters. =)

  5. for gabby i would suggest the girl who played alex, ben's daughter, on lost--can't remember her name, but she's fairly close to how i was picturing gabby as i was reading!

    for zayna--maybe emma stone?

    for bobby--bobby cannavale?

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