Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kittle & Riggle Comedy Hour in Detroit

In honor of National Reading Group Month, I was thrilled to get to "share the stage" with wonderful author Kristina Riggle (author of The Life You've Imagined and Real Life & Liars) at a Women's National Book Association event in Detroit.

I know, I know...Katrina Kittle and Kristina Riggle? Really? Whose bright idea was that? Don't we sound like a comedy team or a talk show?

When I first met Kristina in Grand Rapids last summer, before my reading/signing at Schuler Books & Music, both of us chatted with the event coordinator...and then the poor guy introduced me as Katrina Riggle. So...we're used to it.

Kris and I had a great time and here's a blog we co-wrote for Book Club Girl to celebrate our love for book clubs and reading groups. Hope you enjoy! If you're in a book club yourself, do something special to celebrate this month!

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