Monday, July 25, 2011

#25: Zucchini Abundance

Reason to Be Happy #25:
Zucchini Abundance

My garden is the epitome of abundance at the moment. Especially with zucchini. Last year all the plants succumbed to a vine borer that left the entire plant looking like it deflated I over-planted this year, but not a single plant has died!

There’s a LOT of ways to eat zucchini. I grate & chop a bunch, then freeze to use for baking and stews in the winter. And I chop it up to put in my pasta. And my salads. And my gazpacho. And I grill it with a little olive oil. I even make zucchini chips.

In the wonderful book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (which contains some great zucchini recipes, by the way) Barbara Kingsolver says, of her own zucchini abundance:
“Sometimes I just had to put down my knife and admire their extravagant success. Their hulking, elongated cleverness. Their heft.”


  1. I'd be very helpful in harvesting ...and removing the abundance.

  2. Oh, I have plans for every last one, but thanks! :-) Right now the plants are "empty" but full of blooms for the second wave.