Sunday, January 15, 2012

#199: Beautifully Displayed Piles of Produce

Reason to Be Happy #199:
Beautifully Displayed Piles of Produce

I think produce is almost a work of art (just look at my reason #51 and reason #85). As anyone who has traveled with me knows, I'm a sucker for big piles of produce. The only think more likely than a big pile of fruit to stop me in my tracks for a photo is a cat...or a gargoyle. Hey, we all have our things, right? These photos were all in taken in Rome.


  1. Cool idea! Always on the lookout for beauty in everyday life. On the flip side, there's a great fine-art photo exhibit in Vegas right now, where actual tagged produce is arranged in the mode of the classical still life:

  2. Gorgeous - as beautiful as a flower stand. The tomatoes are making my mouth water (and I'm not even that big a tomato fan).