Monday, October 15, 2012

#388: Making Gyoza

 Reason to Be Happy #388:
Making Gyoza
 It is a specific choice that this reason to be happy is MAKING gyoza and not just gyoza. Gyoza, by the way, are those lovely Japanese dumplings or potstickers, and I just learned how to make them this weekend in Louisville.
 I was in Louisville to teach a workshop and speak on a panel at the Writer's Block Festival, but the big bonus was getting to stay two nights with my my lovely friend, talented writer Katy Yocom and her wonderful husband, Jeff. Jeff was an exchange student in Japan when he was in college and his Japanese host mother taught him to make gyoza.
 Making gyoza is a party in and of itself. There's a lot of assembly, lots of rolling up the cute little dumplings (with what I liked to call "pleats" even though that's not technically the term, I'm sure).
 You don't really sit down and eat them at the table. You eat them standing up, as they come off the stove, after being fried (and then steamed). You eat 'em hot and you eat a LOT. And they are so, so good. I kinda have a thing for food parties like this, where lots of assembly is required. There's nothing better than hanging out with friends, catching up, and making something delicious.

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