Monday, June 28, 2010

Elegance and Charm

Received my first review for The Blessings of the Animals! Always a little exhilarating and a little terrifying, the craziness begins... Here's what Publisher's Weekly had to say (Spoiler alert! This review reveals a plot point I wouldn't necessarily divulge upfront, but I otherwise love it):

The Blessings of the Animals Katrina Kittle. Harper Perennial, $14.99 paper (400 p). ISBN: 978-0-06-190607-7
Beginning with the end of Cami Anderson's marriage, Kittle (The Kindness of Strangers) wades through heartache and tragedy yet manages to find elegance and charm in her latest novel. Cami's distress is palpable as she deals with her husband's seemingly inexplicable decision to leave her and their teenage daughter Gabriella. Juggling her veterinary practice, her now cynical daughter, and her own feelings takes up all of Cami's time but she soon realizes she has no monopoly on struggle: her brother and his male partner lose their adopted daughter to the child's biological mother. Cami taps into her own experience with loss to help the couple, which leads her to take a more honest look at her marriage and the new life ahead of her. While Cami stumbles through post-divorce dating and raising Gabriella, her family of animals—horses, cats, dogs, and a goat—provide respite. Cami's reflections, in tandem with those of delightful friends, present a long-view of the nature of marriage and relationships. (Aug.)

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