Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Subtle yet Shimmering"

As I said in the last post, the craziness begins... Reviews have begun from publishing and library journals who already have the advanced reading copies. So far so good. This one, from Booklist, gave me goosebumps. I'm feeling very "blessed" for Blessings. (sorry...couldn't resist)

The Blessings of the Animals.
Kittle, Katrina (Author)
Aug 2010. 400 p. HarperPerennial, paperback, $14.99. (9780061906077).

Cam Anderson is a fixer. As a small-town veterinarian, she ministers to the usual parade of household pets, and as an animal-rescue volunteer she liberates abused horses, abandoned donkeys, stray goats. The one thing Cam can’t salvage is her marriage. The morning her temperamental husband tells her he’s leaving her, she’s dumbfounded. The afternoon she catches him in the arms of a much younger woman, she’s devastated. And the fact that everyone around her seems to be rejoicing in their own relationships isn’t helping. Her best friend is engaged; her parents are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary; her gay brother and his partner are adopting. Though she turns to both an old friend and a new acquaintance to help her learn to trust her heart again, Cam ultimately discovers that her menagerie of maltreated critters are her most reliable instructors. With subtle yet shimmering insight, Kittle explores the resilience of human nature and the indelible role animals play in healing shattered emotions.— Carol Haggas


  1. Wow! I've already been really looking forward to reading this, but that review makes it realllly sound like something I'll love!

  2. Thanks so much, Jenny. I sure hope it's something you love. :-)