Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BODIES and The Brooklyn Bridge

You know how on the first really warm, sunny day after a cold spell, it’s impossible to stay indoors? I decided to celebrate my current flexibility by heading out for an adventure (never in short supply in this city). I took a train to the South Street Seaport, wandered around for a bit, and then on a whim went to the BODIES Exhibit.

I love this exhibit. I truly do. I’m the sort of geek who can spend hours poring over anatomy books and who thinks it would be fun to take a college level course that works with actual cadavers. Just so you know...

I’m astonished at the complexity of our design. This is true artistry! I marvel at the joints, and the gorgeous grain of muscle. I was fortunate enough to have much of the display to myself, which was lovely. Two school groups eventually caught up with me, but they were very respectful and so interested that they didn’t become the pains in the butt I worried they might.

I was especially taken with the blood vessel displays where entire blood vessel and artery systems stood alone. In our hands, feet, and lungs, they look like delicate sea vegetation.

The nervous systems made me think of spider webs.

You learn something every day, right? Well, I had no idea that cancer looked like it did (I’d always pictured something else entirely) and I had no idea the bladder was so small or that ovaries were so big. So. Quite an educational, beautiful day.

Back outside, I wondered up Broadway, admiring St. Paul’s Chapel and the Woolworth Building, then cutting into City Hall Park. I decided to walk home via the Brooklyn Bridge. It was 56 degrees, the sky was bright periwinkle blue, and everyone looked happy. I shed my coat and reveled in the warmth and the sun on my skin. As you know from past posts, I love this bridge. I took my time, winding my way through Brooklyn Heights on the other side, making sure to stop to take in the view from the Promenade, then on back to Park Slope.

I’m especially pleased to report I did all this without a map. Not bad for a buckeye in Brooklyn.

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