Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bidding Brooklyn Goodbye

Tomorrow, I head back home to Dayton. I have loved my time here in Brooklyn so much, but I feel ready. These past days, I was so conscious of savoring every detail of my neighborhood: last night as I snuggled in bed, a man walked down the street singing “That’s Amore!” in Italian (in a beautiful voice). I smiled into the pillow and thought, “Ah, Brooklyn...” This morning, I savored that metallic screech of Key Food raising it store front guards. 7:00 AM every morning. I savored the squeaky gate of the Italian man across the street, who lets his dog Gino run loose on the street.

There’s much I will miss. I’ll mostly miss effective (heck, amazing!) public transportation. (I adore the subways). I’ll miss that automated female voice on the 2 train. Was it just me or does anyone else notice she seems to have an attitude about the stations she announces. She drawls out “Wall Street” as if she’s mocking it, she says “Borough Hall” very flirtatiously, and she says “Hoyt Street” as if she’s surprised to discover it’s next.

I’ll miss true diversity. The mixed casts of characters on the trains. Hearing multiple languages on the trains, in the stores, walking in the park.

I’ll miss having any kind of food I desire (not just pizza) delivered to my door.

I’ll miss having hundreds of options for live theatre on any given night.

New York is a wonderful city. It’s my favorite big city. And I adored Brooklyn. But I’m craving home. That Easter-basket-grass green of the grass at this time of Ohio. The way the dogwoods, redbuds, magnolias, and pear trees make Ohio in bloom look like a Monet painting. How clean the sidewalks are. Wide open spaces (both outside and in restaurants). True quiet. Asking for separate checks. Being able to have daily contact with horses. Fields of calves and lambs. Dirt to dig in for a great big garden (not just pots on a balcony).

I thank my good good friends here in New York, with special love and thanks to Sarah and Mike for the patient, helpful Brooklyn orientation and for introducing me to the good places to eat and shop. Thanks to Anna and Rob. And to Leslee. And to Sam & Ed. And to wonderful wonderful Lisa!

I’ll miss Stella, my temporary dog, big ol’ goofball that she is!

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