Monday, April 27, 2009

Temporary Home #17

Ahh...back in Ohio. Let the house hunting begin! (Actually, it has begun and may be over...I'd been home less than a week and had an offer on a house accepted. Keep your fingers crossed for me!).

Until I know for sure if my dream house is mine, I have a temporary dream cottage to live in. A guest cottage on a horse farm. What could be a better reintroduction to Ohio? The cottage comes complete with roommate Joey-the-cat (who can even play piano) and doorman Humphrey-the-goat. Is that service or what? The farm—which is a redbud lined path away from the cottage— also has four horses, a miniature pony, two great dogs, and several wonderful people. Deer walk past my windows, birdsong wakes me before the alarm, and the balmy breeze makes the wind chimes sing. Life is good.

I haven't written in two weeks in between bidding my New York friends farewell, catching up with Ohio friends and family, and then hitting the ground running with the house hunting, but this will be the perfect inspiring place to get back to work. I've received several reader letters lately demanding a new novel, and I aim to please!

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