Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bodacious Book Babes

Last night I had the great pleasure to be the guest at the Bodacious Book Babes book club.

Is that a cool name or what? It's WAY better than their original name. When I asked what their name was, one woman hesitated and admitted that they had once called themselves the Book Bags "but we think we need something better." I'd only been there maybe ten minutes at that point and I whole-heartedly agreed! These were gorgeous, smart, witty women. There was not a "bag" in the bunch.

In no time, they came up with the new name. I think it suits them MUCH better!

Have I mentioned how much I adore book clubs???

This club was fabulous! We were discussing Two Truths & a Lie and it was a blast for me to "revisit" a book I hadn't talked about in years. Many of them had read all three of my novels, though, so there were questions and stories about all of them. A great night. They had insightful, interesting questions and comments. The hostess had told me the group was "fun and informal" and that's exactly how I like them! Everyone just dove in with questions and we jumped from topic to topic. In addition to the books, our loud and lively discussions covered moon offerings, the therapeutic properties of Sex & the City, publishing, and Robert Downey Jr.

Kim, our hostess, was soon to have a birthday, so another member had brought a Coco-Cola cake. It was divine, and made even more other-worldly by raspberry sorbetto.

Sure there was wine, amazing food, and silliness, but these are SMART women. I love meeting tribes of interesting, intelligent women who love books. In this world, you know, it's a small minority of people who read for fun. Of that small minority, it's an even smaller percentage who read fiction. We book lovers are outnumbered, so when we gather, it's cause for celebration.

It was my honor to be surrounded my kindred spirits! Many thanks and all best wishes to you bodacious babes!

(Apologies to Susan, who had to leave before the pictures were taken!)

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