Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Huckle Buckle Goes to School

This is Part Two of a three-part series. Please see November’s entry “Huckle Buckle: The Beginning.”

So, after Belles closes, I go about my business, teaching at The Miami Valley School, writing in the wee hours before I have to be at work. All is well and I’m living in peace and happiness.

On the morning of my birthday, I get to school, unlock my classroom, turn my swivel chair around to face me...and scream.

Huckle Buckle is sitting in my chair!!!

He has a note pinned to his chest that informs me he is enrolling at MVS and I’m to be his advisor. Heather has used a mutual friend to sneak Huckle into my classroom for this birthday surprise.

Huckle Buckle my advisee? We’ll see about that...

I had such fun, updating Heather (and the rest of the Belles cast) with weekly updates of Huckle’s misbehavior at school. My students were more than happy to participate in staging odd photo sessions so we could send evidence to Heather than Huckle Buckle simply was not “MVS material” and was not fitting in!

Huckle was caught, among his many misdeeds:
1. vandalizing the school
2. sneaking into the girls’ restroom
3. cheating on tests
4. using my classroom computer to access porn
5. stalking students

Once Huckle was expelled, he was seen lurking around outside my classroom with an axe! The police were finally involved...and Huckle disappeared.

Actually, I bundled Huckle up the next time Heather was in a show. I asked the stage manager to deliver him backstage...with Huckle’s hands down his own pants. I heard Heather’s laughter all the way in the lobby.

I thought this was a truce, right? The natural ending to a fun game?

No such luck...

Stay tuned.

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