Friday, November 13, 2009

Huckle Buckle Backstage

This is Part Three of a three-part series. Please see November entries “Huckle Buckle: The Beginning” and “Huckle Buckle Goes to School.”

Almost two years had passed since I’d seen or heard from Huckle and I was lulled into a false sense of security. This past summer, though, I was in the play Les Liaisons Dangereuses at the brand new Dayton Theatre Guild venue (please see September entry “Costumeless in a Costume Drama”) and Heather was helping style all the crazy big hair for the women.

Production week, I walk backstage and there is Huckle sitting in my chair at the makeup table! He is naked, wrapped in a sheet (since this is the way I played my first scene in the show). His nakedness only adds to his creepiness! Heather was kind enough to leave his little checkered suit in a brown paper bag.

The cast had fun messing with Huckle. He was always under tables, getting under the women’s panniers, or peeking over the folding screen used for quick changes.

When the show closed and we had strike to clear the set and props for the next production, Huckle’s little bag of clothes accidentally got thrown away! So now he’s permanently nude...unless someone handy makes him a new set of clothes.

When the cast went to The Dublin Pub for a final cast party, I left Huckle in my driver’s seat with his creepy little face looking out my window. Hours later, when I left the Pub, some stranger had stuck a note--on a napkin--under my windshield wiper that said, “That is seriously fucked up.” So see? It's not just me who is deeply disturbed by Huckle Buckle.

Heather’s birthday was rapidly approaching. I knew just the gift!

I bought Huckle a party hat, wedged a party blower into his teeth, and sewed a “4” and a “0” candle to his crotch. Then I pinned a note to his chest that said: “Blow my candle, birthday girl!”

Heather’s good sport husband positioned Huckle in her closet where he greeted her bright and early on her birthday morning.

So...Huckle is now in Heather’s possession.

Heather and I are currently in a production together.

I live in fear and remain vigilant...


  1. I love these kind of spontaneous traditions--for a lack of a better word. You could never sit down and lay out the ground rules. It just evolves, bringing surprises along the way.

    My high school girlfriends and I swapped bridal showers in the mid and late 1990s. One game that was always played was the White Elephant Gift Exchange. Someone brought a psychotic looking cardinal knickknack the first year. At the next shower, it showed up again. After five showers, we were all fighting over who got the crazy-eyed cardinal.

    Now that we are all married and some are divorced, we are waiting for the next bridal shower to put the cardinal back in play.

    Loved it! Thanks for a great story!

  2. I love it! Too funny--a crazy-eyed cardinal. So, I know you totally "get" this silly game and how much satisfaction it brings. :-)