Monday, December 7, 2009

He's Baaaack

As I expected, Huckle Buckle made an appearance on opening night of The Hallelujah Girls. (please see three previous posts, November entries “Huckle Buckle: the Beginning,” “Huckle Buckle Goes to School,” and “Huckle Buckle Backstage.”

Some backstory on Hallelujah Girls is necessary to fully appreciate Heather’s handiwork this time. My character, Sugar Lee, holds a nasty, 30-year grudge against her high school sweetheart, Bobby Dwayne, who she believes (incorrectly) has wronged her. Through a series of unfortunate events, Sugar Lee is forced to hire Bobby Dwayne to do construction work in her day spa. In one scene, Bobby Dwayne drops a gasket, bends over to pick it up, then accuses Sugar Lee of “checking him out.” When she denies it, he says, “Yes, you were. You were sizing up the merchandise and admiring the view.” The “view” is made all the sweeter by Bobby Dwayne’s habit of wearing shorts, even in December. He claims “My entire body can be cold as ice, but my legs are always hot.”

So...opening night, I arrive to pre-set my props, and there is Huckle Buckle sitting in the salon chair. He is wearing SHORTS, a tool belt, and work boots, just like Bobby Dwayne. He even has a beard, just like Bobby Dwayne. And he has a note pinned to his chest, which reads: “Go ahead. Size up the merchandise and admire the view. Who’s your Bobby Dwayne now?”

I think Michael Boyd, the actor playing Bobby Dwayne, was even more disturbed than I was. I’ve included a photo of the “real” Bobby Dwayne as well as Huckle’s creepy imposter disguise. I need to figure out the next move in this ongoing game of Huckle placement...

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