Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June Garden Update

Here's the progress report. If you go back to my March post "All Over But the Plantin'" you can see the changes in the new bed I created early this spring. I'm really pleased. It's still early, but in another month, this bed will be bursting at its seams!

I've also included a few other shots from yard. Ah, my dirt therapy makes me happy!

And I'm already able to go out and "pick lunch," wandering around with a bowl to see what's ready. So far I've been able to harvest lettuce, spinach, chard, radishes, beets, arugula, and peas. Today I spotted both my first zucchini blossom and my first squash blossom. And there are tomatoes forming... Basil (from seed) is about ready to be made into pesto. Mmmm...

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