Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Video Teaser for Blessings

recommended summer reads: the blessings of the animals

Sometimes I read our books months and months before they come out, and sometimes I’m catching up just a few weeks before on-sale. Though the former is undoubtedly better for my job, the only bad thing about it is that then I’m often bursting with anticipation, telling anyone who will listen about a book that they can’t read for months!

That’s the case with Katrina Kittle's The Blessings of the Animals. It goes on sale in early August, but I read it in early January, partly because I enjoyed meeting Katrina so much in December that I NEEDED to know if her writing was as fun as she was. If I had hated the book, I’m pretty sure it would have broken my heart.

Luckily, I loved it. The Blessings of the Animals is the story of Cami, a veterinarian coming to terms with her divorce with the help of everyone around her: her daughter, her parents, her gay brother, her friends, her cat, her dog, her goat, and her horse. Of course, as an animal lover, that last part appealed to me very much. Here’s Katrina talking a bit more about animals.

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