Sunday, August 8, 2010

My doggy "amen" section

Please see my previous post "Blessed Indeed" about my debut signing for The Blessings of the Animals, because this one is a continuation.

In the front row at my crowded signing (I'm still floating on that crowd, feeling so so grateful!), was a big, beautiful dog named Micron. The dog is temporarily the charge of Donna Sword who is training him for CCI—Canine Companions for Independence, a wonderful, worthy organization. (Donna was one of the honorable mentions in my July "Animal Blessings" essay contest).

Micron was very well-behaved. He was was vocal one or two times during the signing, but what was hysterical was his timing! He barked once at the perfect time, just when I was discussing how our animal companions truly are blessings in our lives. This prompted another friend to later send me a message about how perfect the night was: "You even had your own little doggy 'amen' section."

Donna wrote a lovely blog about Micron at the Books & Co. event. I hope you'll read it and enjoy!

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