Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oconomowoc and Lake Effect

Look! Here's photographic evidence that I didn't wear the exact same shirt on my entire book tour! Here I am with wonderful Lisa from Books & Co. and my Most Amazing Mary Gielow, media escort. The sign behind us? Words to live by.

Had a lovely time at the Books & Co. in Oconomowoc (I still really love saying it...). Tucked into a cozy corner of the store, I had a great conversation with an audience that had nearly all read The Kindness of Strangers and were eager to delve into Blessings. Quite a few writers were in attendance so the questions were fun and specific about aspects of craft. For example, can any of you think of books that centered on just one main character with a very slim or nonexistent supporting cast? We talked about the movie Castaway but came up with very few book titles. (This conversation came from the discussion that you must have conflict to have drama, but conflict does not have to come from other characters.)

I was thrilled that more than one person in attendance was there because they heard me do an interview with Stephanie Lecci on Milwaukee Public Radio's fabulous show Lake Effect. Several people joined my Facebook fan page yesterday, too, because of that radio interview. That made me do a little happy dance (yes, alone, in a hotel entertain yourself how you can on book tour....) You can hear the interview here for yourself.

Next stop: St. Louis Public Library, with Pudd'nHead Books!

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