Monday, November 14, 2011

#137: Great Independent Bookstores

Reason to Be Happy #137:
Great Independent Bookstores

Are you lucky enough to live in a town with at least one independent book store? If you are, count your blessings and please please patronize them so they stick around! Keep your favorite indie book store in mind as you do your holiday shopping. Really good independent bookstores are a thing of joy and beauty. One of my very favorite independent bookstores is Saturn Booksellers in Gaylord, MI. Love. That. Place. Last year I got to visit them for the third time on tour for The Blessings of the Animals. Here's a blog I wrote about that visit (with a blog within a blog, as it includes a blog I was asked to write for the site Too Fond of Books in which I was invited to write about my favorite book store).

Did you know you can search for the closest indie to you? Check out Indie Bound.

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