Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#328: Really Great Teachers

Reason to Be Happy #328:
Really Great Teachers

As most school years are wrapping up, and teachers and students alike are counting down the final days, it’s time to honor really great teachers. One of the most difficult, rewarding, and important jobs in the worlds, teachers are underpaid and too often under appreciated. If you’ve ever had an amazing teacher, you know what I mean when I say they make all the difference. Whether it be through an encouraging word, a not-letting-you-off-the-hook, a challenge to do more, or a million other miracles teachers work on a daily basis, a good teacher can change your life.

My life has been rich and blessed with amazing teachers throughout. My first grade teacher enriched my day with individualized plans because she knew I was bored. My elementary art teacher chose me for a special project. Ms. Andes told me I was a writer in 7th grade. Ms. Hennessy pushed me to be a better writer and get out of my lazy habits. Mrs. Norvell was a kickass, strong, intrepid traveler of a woman—with high high standards—who made me aware of the rest of this vast, amazing world. In college, they are too numerous to single out...Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Crowl pushed me to the point of breakdown with their Honors Tutorial Program...and the disciplined habits necessary to survive that rigorous program serve me daily as a novelist.

Teaching (any level) is a hard job. It’s endless. The lack of respect (because our culture only seems to respect the wealthy) takes an accumulative toll. So if you’ve had a teacher who changed things for you, who made you a better person, helped you through a rough patch, helped you understand something, opened your mind, or inspired you, PLEASE TELL THEM.

Write them a note. Tell them what they’ve done. Because, as corny as it sounds, teachers may not make much, but they DO make a difference. But they don’t know they have until you tell them!

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