Friday, June 1, 2012

#337: Seeing a friend's name on a movie poster

Reason to Be Happy #337:
Seeing a Friend's Name on a Movie Poster

Today, Crooked Arrows opens across the country. Brad Riddell, a talented friend of mine, is one of two writers of this movie. Two years ago, I read a draft of this movie in Brad's LA living room, while visiting him and his lovely wife Tina. I loved the script. I couldn't stop thinking about the characters. When I first saw the trailer for the actual movie, I got goosebumps and felt such immense pride (and on the verge of tears) when I saw my friend's name in that last credit screen. I can't even imagine what it must feel like for him to see his name on this movie poster. I plan to see the movie tonight and I can not wait for that "written by" opening credit! What an accomplishment. Writing is already hard. But filmmaking is even harder. What a long, hard journey and how good this must feel! 
Congratulations, Brad!

Check out the link for show times, trailers, and other cool stuff.

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