Saturday, June 30, 2012

#366: A Feeling of Accomplishment

Reason to Be Happy #366:
A Feeling of Accomplishment

A year ago today, I set a goal. I said I'd list a reason to be happy every day for a full year in celebration of my novel, Reasons to Be Happy. I never missed a day, even on days like this final day, when I am without internet connection at home because of yesterday's near-tornado storm (thanks, Panera, for the free wi-fi!). What I love most is that I never once came close to running out of reasons. I could go I will. Not daily. But the reasons will keep coming.

Thanks to everyone who commented and "liked" along the way. That makes all the difference. Otherwise, it's like talking into a phone with no one on the other end.

My biggest reason to be happy? Looking at my life from July 1, 2011 to this day. Lots has changed. July 1, 2012 finds me cancer free and having a much nicer summer than last year!

Be happy!

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