Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#379: Play Dates With Humphrey

 Reason to Be Happy #379:
Play Dates With Humphrey
 I love goats. I think that's no secret. I love them because they're smart and mischievous and funny. I probably love them because I'm Capricorn and a little bit of a tenacious, stubborn goat girl myself. But as much as I love goats in general, I love one particular goat in specific.
 Humphrey is my very favorite goat in the whole wide world. He's a very fine fellow and getting to go hang out with him is always a reason to be happy. He's very playful, but also very affectionate. If he's in the mood, you can get him to rear up and come charging at you, which is kind of a riot. He looks very fierce and comedic at the same time when he does his infamous rearing pose, with his pretty little head cocked to the side.
 He has beautiful markings and a very noble face, in my humble opinion. And his long white beard makes me grin. His funny atonal voice? It's like an infusion of happiness. You kinda have to giggle when you hear it.

Humphrey belongs to dear friends of mine, and I think they are very lucky people to get to bask in Humphrey's presence every day (and they are wise enough to know that, too).
All these photos were taken by the very talented Libbi Burgan.


  1. How wonderful! I want a play date with Humphrey!

  2. Isn't he handsome? And so funny.