Saturday, September 22, 2012

#381: The Old Man Who Sits In His Yard & Waves When I Run By

Reason to Be Happy #381:
The Old Man Who Sits in His Yard & Waves at Me When I Run By

I don't know his name. He doesn't know mine. But we'd recognize each other anywhere. On nice days, he sits in his yard in a lawn chair. He always looks happy and content. As I jog by he waves and we both call, "Hello!" and comment on the weather.

Every fourth or fifth time he'll tell me, "The cops are gonna ticket you for speeding!" I laugh like he's never said it before. (It's never, ever true, by the way, about my speed).

When I round that corner and he's not there, I'm disappointed.

When I round the corner and see his baseball cap and his cheery smile, I'm genuinely happy.

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