Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#416: Uninterrupted Time to Write

Reason to Be Happy #416:
Uninterrupted Time to Write
This is truly the greatest gift you can give a writer! Back in October, I was so honored to be the John E. Nance Writer-in-Residence at the wonderful Thurber House in Columbus, Ohio. A whole month to immerse myself in my current work-in-progress....ahh...
The wonderful Thurber House.
 I had a great time and was incredibly productive there! And they let me bring Joey Cat with me!
to get details about the staff, what I worked on, and, of course, the ghosts.
The steps up to my attic apartment.
My "office" on nice autumn days.
My office in the wee hours and late at night.

Joey kept watch.
Joey wandered the halls with his ghost friends.


  1. He is, indeed. He acted like he'd lived there all his life! :-)