Thursday, January 30, 2014

#417: The Color Red in Winter

Reason to Be Happy #417:
The Color Red in Winter
Ah, winter in Ohio...  The landscape can be gray and bleak, and folks get prone to the blues and put on their cranky pants. Even though the cold has been relentless, you have to admit the snow is beautiful (and the landscape much prettier with it). And there's nothing more dramatic and stunning than the color red against the snow (and that is not the start to some gory horror story, I promise). Many of my friends are talented photographers, so I gathered some of their shots of gorgeous flashes of red. I hope they cheer you as much as they do me.
 This gorgeous shot is by Scott Ross.
 The next three were taken by my talented writer friend, Erin Gross. (And that's her son, aka Tank, who is among my favorite children on the planet).

 The wreath above, and the final two, were taken by Carol Tierney, whose photos never fail to brighten my days! Thanks, everyone! Please post your own in the comments—I'd love to see more!

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