Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to Work

I have been here a week already?! That doesn’t seem possible! I have this panicked feeling that I haven’t done anything yet! I guess I can give myself that week for “settling in” and getting familiar. But enough—time to get back to work. For real.

Lots of lovely snow fell today on Martin Luther Day. After working three hours on a young adult story, I walked through Prospect Park watching families sledding and building snow men, dogs romping in the snow, and plenty of snowball fights. When I returned to my building, the front of my black coat and hat were covered in nearly a half-inch of white.

I’m having a great time hanging out with Stella, the dog I’m sitting. She has a ferocious bark that terrifies delivery people at the door, but once you see her you realize her bark is far worse than her bite. She’s old, nearly blind, and epileptic. She is also funny and sweet as can be. She loves to root around in the snow, and then elicits “Aww”’s from strangers as she trots around with a snow-covered snout.

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