Friday, January 16, 2009

Experiencing Brooklyn's Target, or "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

So today I walked to Atlantic Center to go to Target. Now, mind you, I’d been warned. I’d read the reviews online and had friends tell me “This isn’t like a Target in Ohio.” No, no it’s not, but it’s a lot more entertaining, I’ll tell you that! First of all, the Targets in Ohio are all one-floor giant warehouse buildings. This was two stories, with an escalator...and with security guards. Now, there’s security at Ohio stores, but they tend not to be so visible and ever-present, mostly patrolling the parking lot.

My shopping strategy realization will seem like a big obvious “duh” to many, but as I piled my basket high with cleaning supplies, detergents, and a ream of paper, it struck me: I can only buy what I can carry. And I can only buy what I have room to store. Gone for now are the days of piling my car trunk full of items bought in bulk. Not a judgement one way or the other, just an observation about city living.

While checking out, two women got in a huge fight—I think about a man, not a purchase—and security actually pulled them apart and took them away. I felt like I was live at a Jerry Springer show.

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