Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eating My Way Through Brooklyn III

I had the extreme pleasure of taking my wonderful, amazing, fabulous agent to brunch today. We met at Applewood in Park Slope. Oh. My. (Huge thanks to Tina Wexler for this recommendation!) This place is delicious! I think I would love to spend time with Lisa even if we met at a McDonald's for goodness sake, but since both of us love breakfast over all other meals, this was a real treat. We were the first to arrive on a warm morning right after Daylight Savings Time, so we got the best window seat in the small, sunny dining room.

The coffee was dark and rich. I had a blood orange mimosa. Lisa had a grapefruit margarita. Our drinks were as lovely to look at as they were to drink! We split an order of sour milk pancakes with honey maple syrup (and some divine baked apple slices on the side), then each had an omelet. My omelet was lobster and chive. Mmm. The menu changes daily, and I plan to return!

Of course we talked about my book and my writing, but we also covered men, online dating, contact with exes, book clubs, Amsterdam, Portugal, the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, and my dream house. We even attended an open house in my own building. ($650, 000 for a loft apartment??? Um...) I adore this woman!

Have you noticed how many of my blogs deal with food? Hmm...


  1. you are a sweetheart!!!!!!!!

    love David and Ted

  2. Applewood is definitely on my list! Katrina, I just devoured The Kindness of Strangers. I was amazed to find that you have a blog and that I can actually deliver the following message to you: Your book is supremely engaging and insightful. What a difficult topic, but in creating such wonderful characters and revealing things little by little, your readers aren't scared away. I look forward to exploring your blog, and to reading your next book!

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words about The Kindness of Strangers! That means the world to me, as it was a very delicate balance--tackling that subject without scaring away readers. Your note made my day!