Monday, March 23, 2009

Goin' with the Flow

I had my second guest in my temporary home. My dear friend (and talented massage therapist) Laurie Trick came to visit for the weekend from Dayton. We had such fun making plans...and then changing them! That's the beauty of true friendship when you can just "be receptive" as she said. We talked into the wee hours, slept until the sound of the store fronts being rolled up woke us up, then ate brunch at Applewood (my second visit...every bit as delicious as the first. This time I had a shrimp, chive, and pickled mustard seed omelet). We walked around Prospect Park, shopped in Park Slope, then headed to the Brooklyn TKTS booth. Although both of our "wish list" choices appeared available, we both turned to each other and said in unison, "I'm just not feeling it." So, instead we got outrageously inexpensive pedicures* and ordered Indian food. Ahh... More talking into the wee hours... On Sunday, we had brunch at Miriam's (it's such fun taking friends to these places I love), then headed into Manhattan to go to MOMA. museums ended up figuring into our afternoon, unless shopping can be considered an art. Laurie and I are both missing the shopping gene. We just aren't shoppers. But when we emerged at Times Square, we got distracted and got more shopping done in an afternoon that I usually do in a year (I'm not joking). We had the best salesperson at Esprit. Watch out for that Ryan. He's good. He can talk you into buying anything! We both did quite well! We sat in the sun at Columbus Circle, hung out in Central Park (oh, how I miss horses!), then mosied down to Greenwich Village where we ate divine pizza at John's Pizza (when they set it before us, we both said, "We'll never finish this!" Ha. Who were we kidding?) then saw GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHT at the Minetta Lane Theatre. This show closes soon—catch it while you can. It's difficult to describe but it's a startling, fascinating, riveting piece of dance, theatre, and acrobatics. Thanks for a great weekend, Laurie!

*We got fabulous spa pedicures for $15. Just walked right in. Some very nice women we talked with at the salon were SHOCKED when we told them we pay $60 for the same thing in Ohio. Literally shocked...even a little outraged. I think they felt really sorry for us. (One of the women was complaining about getting charged $25 somewhere). Sigh...sadly this is one of the few things actually cheaper in NY than back home.

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