Friday, August 19, 2011

#50: When My Cat Sucks on Blankets

Reason to Be Happy #50:
When My Cat Sucks on Blankets

I know. That's very odd. Joey is very odd in many ways.
He was abandoned before he was weaned, and this habit is common in cats with that history. If he's sitting on my lap falling asleep, he often sucks on my sleeve. If I'm sleeveless, he sucks the inside of my elbow.

Yes, I have cat hickies.


  1. Hilarious. The reason for it is kind of sad, but the blanket-sucking is hilarious.

  2. I am not the biggest cat fan, but I really can't imagine not loving your cat.

  3. My kitty Spike does the same thing either when I'm wearing my bathrobe, or when he's cuddling with me under the covers. We just rescued him from the snow on Christmas so we don't know his story, but I guess now we have an idea of he does it!