Thursday, August 25, 2011

#56: Zombie Apocalypse Stories

Reason to be Happy #56:


Many people are surprised to learn I have a real soft spot in my heart for zombie stories. I love them. I love all apocalyptic stories, but especially those that start with a good "zombie virus."

I think I'd be a pretty darn good person to have on your team in a zombie apocalypse. If you've seen my garden posts, you know I could be in charge of Post Apocalyptic Food Production. You know, the two main keys to surviving the ZA will be guns and seeds. You're gonna need both.

For other good "rules" about the ZA, be sure to check out the fun comedy Zombieland. Yes, there are zombie comedies. Great ones, like Shaun of the Dead!

Featured here are some of my favorite zombie books, movies, and television shows. Can't wait for the return of The Walking Dead series this fall. Check out the full length trailer for it featured at the San Diego Comic-Con.

And then, there are these fantastic people. People who feel just like I do about zombies. So much so that their engagement photos featured a zombie attack! Another reason to be happy is that such fun, smart people exist. You know they're a blast. I wish I knew them. I'd invite them to a dinner party!


  1. You should get online and check out the dance team from West Springfield High School in Virginia - they've been on America's Got Talent (Let's pretend I don't know that, mkay?). Their zombie dance routines completely freak me out. I am still too scared of the zombies to find them entertaining - you know I'll be showing up on your doorstep when they arrive, right? :-)

  2. I will definitely check that out! And, Kelsey, you come right over when the ZA happens. I'll have the compound up and running, fully stocked with canned garden goods. :-)

  3. Zombieland was perhaps my favorite zombie movie, ever. I also highly recommend the book "The Zombie Survival Guide", a must have for anyone who wishes to be prepared for the coming Zombie Apocalypse. :)

  4. I loved loved loved Zombieland. And, yes, I loved the "Zombie Survival Guide," as well. And "World War Z" (which they're making into a movie). Hey, you just never know. Better to be prepared, right? :-)