Monday, August 29, 2011

#60: Making Lists

Reason to Be Happy #60:
Making Lists

Are you a listmaker? I love making lists. I'm a little neurotic about it. So much so that I had to pull images of lists from the internet rather than photographing any of my own—I didn't want anyone to see just how detailed and kind of crazy mine are! Lists make everything seem manageable and in control. Seem is the key word—we all know life really isn't anything we can control. But a little illusion sometimes gets ya through your day!


  1. Ever seen this?

    You fill out your own biography, in list form. I love it.

    Kristina Riggle

  2. This. Is. So. Cool.
    And so dangerous for an addictive personality...
    Thanks, Kris!

  3. I may, possibly, at one point, have been known to list the lists I needed to make...

    So I cannot relate at all.