Saturday, December 24, 2011

#177: Family Holiday Traditions

Reason to Be Happy #177:
Family Holiday Traditions

I don't mean the traditions pretty much everyone follows, like putting up a Christmas tree or hanging stockings. Not stuff like that. But the traditions that are more unique to your family. Like, my family traditionally has Christmas pizza (which started one year the pre-ordered ham turned out to be rotten, all the grocery stores were already closed, and my mom just happened to have all the ingredients on hand to make a homemade pizza. We liked it so much we stuck with it). My mom and I always make candy together every year, too—specifically turtles (complete with homemade caramel) and chocolate-covered cherries. Christmas day typically involves a game of Trivial Pursuit (slowly being replaced with Bananagrams), and a movie. Every Christmas morning, my mother bakes a delicious yeast cinnamon-orange coffee cake she twists into the shape of a giant candy cane. My sister and I slather it with pink and white icing. Last Christmas my niece helped with the icing. What are your family's quirky traditions?


  1. We have a simple supper of homemade bread and homemade potato soup on Christmas Eve and play our family version of Shanghai Rummy after the kids go to bed. Matt's family used to always go out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve, but we had to adjust since those are not great places for kiddos with peanut allergies! So soup it is - now we all look forward to it all month.

  2. Speaking from experience, your turtles and chocolate covered cherries are DELICIOUS. Mmmmm..... Thanks for sharing them with me.