Friday, March 23, 2012

#267: Movie Versions of Books You Love

Reason to Be Happy #267:
Movie Versions of Books You Love

Some people are surprised that I love movie versions of books, but I do. I adore the movies, I adore books—I adore stories. A novel and a film are two very different art forms. Some book fans will get all up in arms about "but they changed X!" or "they cut out Y!" or "Z is supposed to be blond!" I don't get it. They are different art forms, so of course they will be different. I go, eager to see what is changed, what is kept, how the book is adapted to the screen. Keep in mind the credits will say "Based on the novel by..." I do not go expecting to see the novel. What a novel does best, a film can't do at all, and what a film does best a novel can't do at all. The film has to make everything internal become visual. I love to see that happen. And…the bottom line is, even if the film version stinks, a movie version of a book always always means more book sales for the author—and that's a really big reason to be happy in my humble opinion! (Because it means the author of that book you adore will be better able to keep writing).

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