Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#375: My Gardening Assistant

 Reason To Be Happy #375:
My Gardening Assistant
 Meet Alice. She's my personal gardening assistant. Although I have no way of truly knowing if she is indeed a she, I can identify her by that distinctive little stripe on her forehead. Alice hangs out in my garden and we have an understanding—she knows I won't hurt her and I know she won't destroy my garden or take more than her share.
 She lets me get very close to her and doesn't seem at all afraid of me (but makes herself scarce when I have guests). Often, I'll be weeding or pruning and I'll look up to see her grazing less than a yard away.
 I've watched her nibble a few leaves of lettuce, then hop politely away. She never tears things up or destroys a whole crop the way those raccoon and squirrel thugs do. I catch myself looking for her when I'm out there, and I miss her and start to worry if I don't see her for a couple days in a row.
Somehow, a day always seems better when I get to hang out with Alice.

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  1. I love your garden assistant. I have several myself, although none that will let me get as close to them as your Alice does. Thanks for sharing the photos; they all made me smile!