Monday, May 20, 2013

#392: Riding with the Top Down

Reason to Be Happy #392:
Or...more specifically, cramming a bunch of friends into a car, wedging together, and then riding to lunch with the top down. It was like a clown car in the circus! (We were so contorted, my bra actually came undone!)

 Nice hair, huh? But we laughed. You know how it feels so good to laugh hard and not be able to stop? Add to that already good feeling: the warm sun on your face, wind rushing over you, and the feeling that you're on a roller coaster. Not a bad thing to experience on a Monday afternoon. Not a bad thing at all.
And yes, due to repeated requests from friends and readers, the Reasons to Be Happy will be re-appearing. I'm not promising daily, but they'll be more frequent than they have been. Be sure to send ideas for future reasons…not that there's ever a shortage when you really stop to think about it.

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