Saturday, October 8, 2011

#100: Barn Cats

Reason to Be Happy #100:

I love cats in general, but a barn cat is a special breed. Not feral, by any means, but not domestic, either. They are excellent mousers, scrappy survivors, and usually terrorize the farm's dogs.
I've seen them have remarkable relationships with horses—tough guy George (on his back, looking adorable in the second photo above—don't scratch that belly! It's a trap!) was best buds with a thoroughbred named Degas. When Degas was sick with Cushing's Disease, George hung out with Degas while he was isolated in a dry lot. He slept in Degas' feed box. And curled up back to back with Degas when he slept in his stall.
A barn cat is nearly always very interesting character. Earning any cat's love is always a tougher feat that earning a dog's love, but when you're "in" and beloved of a barn cat, that's a real accomplishment!

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