Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#104: Crunching Through Leaves on an Autumn Stroll

Reason to Be Happy #104:

Crunching Through Leaves on an Autumn Stroll

Whether on foot, or horseback, autumn is my favorite season for walking in the woods. The weather is still warm, but no pesky bugs! That rhythmic glorious crunching sound of all the fallen leaves underfoot is meditative. Add some leaves falling down on you like confetti, and...sigh...heaven.

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  1. Hello Katrina! What wonderful pictures! I find myself gravitating to your blog when I need an uplifting post and a little eye candy! Autumn is indeed my favorite time of the year. I'm from Washington and we get some of the most beautiful scenery here in the mountains! Keep posting more of these beautiful reasons!
    Oh and if you have time, I am a fellow blogger on blogspot. Come have a look!