Friday, September 2, 2011

#64: Cotton Candy

Reason to Be Happy #64:

Cotton Candy

Nothing but pure sugar. Continuing my love fest for all things county fair, today I honor cotton candy. I only like the pink (even though I think every color tastes exactly the same!) and I much prefer it on a stick rather than in a bag. Did you do any of these things as a kid?—lick the candy to watch it begin to melt and "weep" dark pink tears? or take a big wad of candy and mash it into a thick sugar cube, then let that dissolve on your tongue? Mmm... If you get it wet, it will slowly dissolve and disappear.


  1. I remember getting cotton candy in the Wisconsin Dells one summer and it was so humid out that the candy started to melt/weep w/out even being licked!

  2. Oh, Kelsey, that's a tragedy! It's pretty humid today, so I hope the cotton candy is holding up. :-)