Thursday, September 15, 2011

#77: Going to the Movies

Reason to Be Happy #77:


I adore going to movies. I much prefer to see them on the big screen, in the company of big crowds, with previews and all that hoopla, rather than at home. Obviously, I love stories, and movies are as high on my list as books are. It's a great, great pleasure to go watch a story unfold before your eyes.

I like all kinds of movies—independent, documentaries, big silly blockbusters, romantic comedies, zombie and vampire stories, you name it. Some people are surprised to learn I'm especially a sucker for the superheroes and a good heist movie.

*Pictured here are two of my favorite independent movie houses in the Dayton area: The Little Art Theatre in Yellow Springs, and The Neon Movies in Dayton (that's an old pic of the Neon, sorry! It's now all jazzed up in a bunch of funky colors!)

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  1. I love love love these small, old, simple theatres (what my students would call crappy because there isn't HD or REAL Digital or whatever). In Cleveland there's the Cedar Lee where you can actually order a beer or a glass of wine. And my favorite place in the world is probably the Cinema Arts theatre in Fairfax, VA, which is conveniently located just across from the best Thai food on the planet. Oh, movies, how I love you.