Monday, September 19, 2011

#81: Junior Mints

Reason to Be Happy #81:

Junior Mints at the Movies

Okay, okay, I'll stop going on about the movies, I promise, but a nice big box of Junior Mints makes me so happy at the movies. Even the sound of them sliding out of the box makes me smile. Remember the Seinfeld Junior Mint episode? "They're very refreshing."


  1. It's amazing how many theaters DON'T sell Junior Mints any can that be?!

    So yes, we break the rules and bring our own. ;-)

  2. It's a travesty, a total travesty! (I have also broken down and brought my own... Hey, IF they sold them, I'd buy them at their jacked up prices, but since they don't...)

  3. A former colleague used to microwave a box of Junior Mints nearly every day for her dessert, creating a lava-esque mound of minty chocolate. I was never certain if it was a genius discovery or just wicked torture.....

  4. Lynda, this is fascinating. I kinda want to try it...I'm thinking that woman might have been a genius!